The Lender or Mortgage Broker

If you haven't already gone through the mortgage pre-qualification process, you will need to find a good lender to assist you during the purchasing process and for as long as you have your mortgage.  Remember that many different institutions lend money for mortgages, such as banks, trust companies, credit unions, pension funds and finance companies.


Some people find it helpful to use a mortgage broker.  Mortgage brokers don't work for any specific lending institution. Their role is to find the lender with the terms and rates that will best suit the buyer's needs.  For more detailed advice on how to decide who to use for your mortgage needs, just ask me and I would be happy to assist.  Ultimately, it's all about finding someone that you are comfortable working with.  Below is a list of indivuals who I am confident  you will get great service from.  Feel free to contact them directly and make the decision for yourself.


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Noel Diguangco

Mortgage Specialist

CIBC Mortgages Inc.

Direct: 604.779.3890



CIBC For What Matters

Dan Penner

Pipeline Mortgages Ltd.

Verico Pipeline Mortgage

Cell: 604.308.3087

Office: 604.941.3086





Kelsey McKnight

Mortgage Specialist

Royal Bank of Canada

Cell: 778.288.8438

Email: kelsey,



RBC Royal Bank


Dave Lacusta

Dominion Lending Centres

Cell: 604.614.9500

Fax: 605.608.9501






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